About me

People think money and success are by chance, but this is not really the case. Success comes with constant effort.

We humans face many challenges, big and small, in life; Round-the-clock efforts that did not achieve the desired result;

The many work pressures that sometimes exist; But all this when you believe in your goal and success, you move forward and you are confident that your efforts will be successful

This business and business model is a symbol for me; A symbol of equal opportunity for people; A symbol that shows that whoever tries better will succeed.

I know I can make my own destiny.

I dreamed of becoming a businessman as a child, and the most important thing my family taught me was:

The future of people has nothing to do with their past and present life, but their beliefs and actions shape the future.

Life and time have taught me to always strive to balance work and family relationships.

Direct sell and interactive marketing is a long-standing and well-known business in offering and introducing products and services worldwide. Using the direct sales capacity, a constructive, continuous and face-to-face relationship is created between the three platforms of production, support and supply. Direct communication of the final consumer with the production process by eliminating unnecessary intermediaries, tries to control and manage the final price for the final consumer by providing the highest quality product. By having products in accordance with international standards, we will have the conditions to create a continuous business.

In the last decade, based on the expansion of cyberspace and the use of the Internet and the ease of the online shopping process, the rules and conditions of virtual cooperation in the relevant legislative bodies have been approved and implemented in the judiciary and regulatory bodies. Meanwhile, the network marketing business platform is fully institutionalized and approved in the country. Talash Karan Sarmayeh Vazin Company, abbreviated as “Taksoo”, was established in 2009. In 2011, Taksoo Group, as one of the pioneers of direct marketing and sales in Iran, received all network marketing licenses from the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade. In 2015, and immediately after the approval of the regulations for the issuance and renewal of licenses, the subject of Note of Article 87 of the Trade Union System Law, Talash Karan Sarmayeh Vazin Company succeeded in obtaining a license for network marketing activities.

Taksoo is a multifaceted shopping mall. Our activity as a producer of consumer products and services indicates national production capacity. As a manufacturer, Taksoo is active in the production of hot drinks such as tea, herbal tea and coffee, spices and condiments, honey and its derivatives, personal care including: body care, hair care, beauty and etc. In each production process, Taksoo products are implemented in accordance with international standards and are marketed in compliance with all health laws and legal licenses. The core mission of Taksoo in production is to provide the highest quality and the best services. This will not be possible except through relentless effort and the acquisition of knowledge and expertise wherever it is.

Therefore, Talash Karan Sarmaye Vazin Company (T.K.S.O.) with registration number 413587 in the field of production, presentation and sale of various products and brands, including food, cosmetics, etc. with a health-oriented approach and quality improvement Human life works. Production in the mentioned product lines is a special possibility that can produce and supply many consumer goods of the society by using knowledge and expertise along with providing superior quality and creativity. We are proud to produce many consumer products and goods for the first time in Iran during this long journey, and in all these cases, the idea is producing goods with the highest quality available in accordance with international and national production standards.

We believe that our goal in this economic activity is to support national production and exports in the private sector, entrepreneurship for young talent and job seekers in marketing and sales, combining the experience of veteran marketers and salesmen using modern marketing methods. Is accompanied by presence and brilliance in the international arena. Taksoo has provided the conditions for all people to get the products they need easily and without the need for city trips, and also to take advantage of the Taksoo business opportunity on a part-time or full-time basis. This special opportunity means that the large Taksoo family is a reliable business opportunity to build a sustainable social business. Equal conditions for each person, to shape his professional and personal life path with constructive effort and to manage and lead his business.

Belief in what we do and constructive goals along with knowledge, thinking and creativity is a valuable asset that leads us stronger and stronger in the path of prosperity. Making a difference with what we do is the backbone of taking stronger steps. Taksoo currently includes more than 150 associates and official staff across the country at both staff and support levels. More than a thousand people in all parts of the country are registered as Taksoo sales consultants and are actively working.

We are proud that we have established a safe and principled path in the sale and by using equal capacities for all members, we have provided a golden path in achieving the golden plans and goals of this great family. In order to achieve products with higher quality and price, more economical and save time, with the support of knowledge and expertise, since 2015, Taksoo Group has started the production process directly and has set up its own production factories.

Today, products are created in the company’s production platforms and are available to all esteemed sales consultants of the organization through the office. Our mission at Taksoo is to focus on superior production, unrivaled quality and full support of services and products. Education is undoubtedly one of the most fundamental mediators of success in this direction. The Education Taksoo Group is the key to excellence and difference in the business of the complex’s consultants. Our goal is the comprehensive development and advancement of all members together and with full support. We have not stopped and limited Taksoo to just one brand. Based on what we have gone through; we have always tried to maintain our lead.